About Cindy Waitt

Cindy Waitt was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa. She is an occasional non-fiction writer and artist and the executive director of the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention. With Waitt Institute, she is the executive producer of the award winning documentary "Bully", and the co-executive producer, with Kit Gruelle and Gloria Steinem, of the upcoming documentary "Private Violence". She believes in challenging social norms that accept violence as a part of life.

Recent News

Thirteen days ago, our Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, for some unfathomable reason, made her own decision to lift restrictions across the state, and rescind the partial mask mandate meant to protect the lives of Iowans. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Rescinds Mask Mandate in Face of Mutations (thedailybeast.com) She did this without consulting our own Iowa Department […]

Feb 19